Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is set to be recognized for its dedication to delivering high-quality service, leveraging our expertise in the travel sector, and implementing cutting-edge technological solutions. Our approach is centered around creating experiences tailored to customer satisfaction and delight. We place a strong emphasis on technology as a key component of our strategy, continuously seeking to innovate and enhance our offerings. This investment in technology positions us to constantly evolve and provide our customers with unique and new experiences.

He embarked on a journey to start his own venture, something he had envisioned for a long time. What began as a startup three decades ago has now evolved into an industry leader, yet it still retains the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of its early days. This journey of over thirty years has been marked by a commitment to redefining customer satisfaction.

The path to success, however, was not smooth or direct. The journey was filled with challenges and obstacles. Far from a fairy tale, the origins of this venture were humble, starting with just one Land Cruiser and enough capital to keep the fuel tank full for a week. Over time, through resilience and determination, what began as a small operation transformed into the thriving business it is today.


At Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, we are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our reputation for Excellence in every safari and voyage we undertake. Our mission is to continually improve our services, redefining the essence of hospitality in this magnificent land. We aim to extend a warm, loving welcome to every guest who steps into the enchanting realm of the UAE, ensuring their experience is nothing short of magical.